All courses taken for any options, minors, diplomas or specializations (sub-plans) are worked into a student's program as part of their elective choices and are a suite of courses in a specific theme. It is not necessary for a student to pursue a sub-plan. Following the general program will give you all the tools required to be a successful Planner. The sub-plans are geared towards students who have a keen interest in a specific theme.

In addition to Planning specializations, you can use "minors" and "options" to gain additional skills and areas of specialization.


As a Planning student, you may concentrate study in an associated field to the extent that it becomes a minor (typically five units or 10 courses). A minor can be in any area such as anthropology, biology, geography, english, management studies, psychology, etc. Please speak to an undergraduate advisor for more information.


An Option is generally eight courses (or four units) taken with another Department or Faculty. Planning students can elect to take one of the options or diplomas created for students in the Faculty of Environment.

Refer to the Faculty of Environment for specific requirements for the following options and diplomas:

  • Business option (Collaborative program with Wilfrid Laurier University)
  • Parks option
  • Sustainable local economic development option
  • Geomatics option
  • Tourism option
  • International Development option and minor
  • Knowledge  Integration option and minor
  • Environment & Resource Studies minor
  • Diploma in ecological restoration and rehabilitation
  • Diploma in environmental assessment
  • Diploma of excellence in geographic information systems

Options available for all University of Waterloo students include environmental economics and Legal Studies & Criminology. For more information, check out the interdisciplinary programs website.


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