Fall 2021 Pragma Conference

Pragma Fall 2021 theme: Beyond the catch phrase: The Challenge and Opportunity of Urban Transitions 

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Marta Brebés-Blásquez

Abstract: Imagining Urban Transformations

Current and projected climatic trends highlight the need for transformative change to stay within a safe operating space for humanity. In the absence of strong international agreements, many municipal governments are leading the efforts to build resilience to climate change in general and to extreme weather events in particular. However, it is notoriously difficult to guide and activate processes of change in complex adaptive systems such as cities. In this talk, I will present the work of the Urban Resilience to Extreme Events Sustainability Research Network that co-created over 40 positive future scenarios with nine cities in the United States and Latin America exploring more resilient, sustainable, and equitable urban futures. Through this work, I reflect on the possibilities for transformative change that may be catalyzed through the use of anticipatory and participatory approaches.

Conference Keynote Speaker Presentation