Jonathan Woodside

PhD, Planning

Prior Degrees

  • Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph
  • Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Philosoph at McGill University

Planning Interests

  • Suburbs
  • Sharing Economy
  • Infrastructure and Network Urbanism
  • Urban Theory
  • Tactical Urbanism

Research Topic

Planning for the sharing economy in the contemporary North American suburb

Presentations/Publications/Professional Experience:

Jon is a professional landscape designer and arborist. Jon is also the president of Sprout, a not-for-profit, that brings together volunteer landscape architects with community groups to push forward community-led public space projects.

Refereed Publications

Moos, M. & Woodside, J. (forthcoming). Sustainability as an urban way of living: The uneven outcomes of “sustainable mobility infrastructure” planning. in Fillion, P. & Pulver, N. (2017). Global Suburban Infrastructure. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.​

Conference Presentations

Woodside, J., Vinodrai, T. & Moos, M. (2016). Planning a Sharing Neighbourhood: An actor-relational approach to planning inclusive sharing economies. Paper presented at the Third International Workshop on the Sharing Economy. Southampton, UK: University of Southhampton.

Moos, M., Woodside, J., Vinodrai, T. & Yan, C. (Forthcoming, 2017). Placing high-rise suburbanism: Does it reduce auto-dependent sprawl? Paper presented at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Boston, MA: Association of American Geographers.

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