Postdoctoral Fellow

Guillaume Lessard I completed my Ph.D. in Urban Studies at l’Institut national de la recherche scientifique in Montréal. My thesis examined how sustainable housing is framed, discussed and implemented in Quebec, Canada. By analyzing sustainable housing policies and by using tiny houses as a case study, I explored the implications for the sustainable urban transition.

I currently hold a postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the SSHRC-CMHC and FRQSC. The research project is cosupervised by Professor Pierre Filion at Waterloo University and by Professor Richard Harris at McMaster University. The project will delve into the role of accessory dwelling units in the provision of affordable housing and in urban consolidation strategies.

I am interested in issues pertaining to the sustainable urban transition, social justice in transitions and in critical inquiries of neoliberalization processes.


Supervisor: Pierre Filion

University of Waterloo

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