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photo of Mahyar MasoudiI am an urban ecologist who is passionate about enhancing cities’ environmental performance and the well-being of urban inhabitants through optimizing the spatial pattern of cities, including of green infrastructure. I wear an environmental justice lens while conducting this area of research and examine how different groups of people compare in relation to their exposure to environmental disamenities and their access to environmental benefits. Being also an urban planner and designer, I place a particular emphasis on the practicality of my research through effective collaborations with policy makers, urban practitioners, grassroots organizations, and civic communities.

I am awarded the Caivan Communities “Future Cities” Postdoctoral Fellowship to conduct research under the supervision of Professor Michael Drescher that aims at understanding the relationship between the distribution of urban forests, urban heat island, and heat-related health impacts in small- and medium-sized cities of Southern Ontario from an environmental justice perspective. Prior to this, I was Research Affiliate with the Resilient and Inclusive Cities lab at the Nanyang Technological University and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore (NUS). I obtained my PhD from NUS, which was focused on the city-scale relationship between spatial pattern and cooling ability of urban green spaces and incorporation of this knowledge into urban planning.

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Supervisor: Michael Drescher

University of Waterloo

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