Environmental Services

COVID-19 Modified Service

Environmental Services is currently providing limited/modified service due to COVID-19. For more details, visit COVID-19 Service Modifications

Environmental Services provides custodial, waste management, and restoration services across the University except for at University Colleges and Residence buildings. For more information on the services we provide please click the appropriate button below. For any questions about custodial, waste management, restoration or anything related to Environmental Services please email a custodial supervisor. For any service or maintenance issues, please email pltops.maintenance@uwaterloo.ca (for non-urgent issues), or call ext. 33793 (for urgent issues only).

Associate Director, Environmental Services (Custodial Services, Waste Management & Restoration):

Giovanna Zinken - giovanna.zinken@uwaterloo.ca

Shift Manager, Custodial:

 Drazenka Johnson - d5johnson@uwaterloo.ca 

Supervisor, Waste Management and Custodial (Day Shift):

Dennis Araujo - dsaraujo@uwaterloo.ca

Supervisor, Custodial (Night Shift):

Christine Connolly - christine.connolly@uwaterloo.ca

Sergio Contreras - scontreras@uwaterloo.ca

Miguel Novo – mnovo@uwaterloo.ca

Rui Tome - rtome@uwaterloo.ca 

Environmental Services also supports several University policies:

Policy: 2: Bulletin Boards, Temporary Signs, and Notices: Environmental Services is responsible for the removal of any poster not approved or placed incorrectly on campus property.

Policy 53 Environmental Sustainability; Directly supports the goals set out in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Policy 34: Health, Safety and Environment: Environmental Services provides a safe and clean environment for students, faculty, and staff on campus.

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