Custodial Services

Custodial Services provides cleaning and waste collection across the University except for at University Colleges and Residence buildings. The majority of custodial services occur from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday to Friday, with a small crew available for daytime operational issues. Weekend work is done on an overtime basis and for events or extra service needs, a Work Request can be submitted detailing what servicing and staffing will be needed.

Custodial Services also, supports several University policies:

Policy: 2: Bulletin Boards, Temporary Signs, and Notices: Custodial Services is responsible for the removal of any poster not approved or placed incorrectly on campus property.

Policy 53 Environmental Sustainability; Directly supports the goals set out in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Policy 34: Health, Safety and Environment: Custodial Services provides a safe and clean environment for students, faculty, and staff on campus

For any questions about service, waste management or anything related to Custodial Services please email a custodial supervisor. For any service or maintenance issues, please email (for non-urgent issues), or call ext. 33793 (for urgent issues only).

Associate Director, Environmental Services (Custodial Services, Waste Management & Restoration )

Giovanna Zinken -

Shift Manager, Custodial Section:

Drazenka Johnson -  

Supervisors, Custodial Section

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Tom Graham -

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