The Environmental Sustainability Strategy was finalized in 2017 to advance environmental sustainability on campus. The strategy has three interdependent roles:

  1. Be a leader in sustainability education and research
  2. Operate the campus sustainably
  3. Embed sustainability practices into campus culture

From the perspective of waste management, our key goal is to divert as much waste from landfill as possible. This will be achieved through a shift in behaviour and infrastructure on campus. 

A Waste Management Steering Committee was formed in 2017 with members from Housing, Safety Office, Food Services, Sustainability Office, the University Colleges, and Plant Operations. This committee works toward the improvement of waste management on campus.

Sort it right

Use the below links to find information on how you can divert your materials properly into the five waste streams on campus, and how you can safely dispose of hazardous materials.


Green Office Silver Certification