Design Work Requests


Maintenance, Repair and Service:  Maintenace & Operations are base services/repairs to maintain the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of UW owned buildings, systems and grounds.

Billable Work: is repairs, upgrades and additions for an occupants specific operation, desire for improvement or space alteration.

Use the Work Request form to initiate a Design Work Request or contact Jeff Speek or Nelson Carrillos for further assistance.


Billable Work Maintenance, Repairs and Service
  • renovation or alteration of space
  • installation of electrical outlets
  • purchase of new furniture
  • supply and installation of tackboards, whiteboards, shelving, etc.
  • see the standard cost catalog for more
  • also see estimating guidelines
  • electrical outlets or lights not working
  • leaky or non operational taps, toilets, sinks etc.
  • cracked or broken windows
  • minor furniture repairs e.g. broken chair arm

Initiating a Work Request


Use the Work Request form to initiate a Design Work Request.

  • Fill in the Work Request form in its entirety. Any missing information will delay processing of your request.
  • An account number must be provided.
    See the special handling instructions below for fund 105 research accounts.
  • The work request should be authorized by an individual with signing authority for the account provided.
  • When your request has been processed, a Work Request number will be assigned. An email indicating the Work Request number, Plant Operations section and individual assigned to the job will be sent to the originator of the request.
  • All inquiries can be directed to

Fund 105 Research Accounts

All work requests charged to a fund 105 research account (in whole or in part) are required to be reviewed by a member of the Research Finance Training and Compliance Team before they are submitted to Plant Operations. Please e-mail the completed form to or send a hard copy of the form to the team member assigned to your faculty. Please ensure that the PI or authorized delegate is copied on the e-mail or has signed the form to approve the request.

Standard Costs

Refer to the Standard Cost Catalog that shows prices for standard jobs such as shelving and whiteboards.

Refer to the Estimating Guidelines for other routine work.

Types of Work Requests

Work requests are categorized as either design or UW forces

Design Jobs

  • These are jobs that are expected to exceed $5000 or require design assistance.
  • A designer will provide estimates and also design drawings where required.
  • This work is tendered for outside bidding and awarded to the contractor with the lowest bid if all contractors meet the specification requirements.
  • A client approval is required for the job to proceed.
  • Work will be completed by an outside contractor, but minor work may be directed to our UW Work Force.
  • Project Coordinators will monitor and inspect the progress of the job.
  • The coordinator will communicate with the client(s) until the job is completed.
  • A job is not considered complete until final inspection.
  • The request will be closed after reconciling all the invoices, freight charges and any other miscellaneous charges that have been received and posted to the Financial System.
  • Charges can be viewed in Oracle Financial

UW Forces

  • These are jobs that are not expected to exceed $5000 and do not require design assistance.
  • Client approval will be provided on request for estimates.
  • Financial Approval is not required.
  • Upon completion these requests will be closed out and charges will be posted to the client's account.
  • These charges can be accessed through financial inquiries and viewed on your financial statements.

Financial Approval

  • After receiving a signed copy of the client's approval, a financial approval is forwarded to finance.
  • Finance has reserved accounting flex field project numbers beginning with 6 for Plant Operations Work Request projects. The five digits following the 6 refers to the assigned Work Request number.
  • The project description will be made up of the original project number if applicable, plus the Work Request title.
    Example: 102589 Renovate Lab DWE