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Custodial Services

Shift Manager:

  • Drazenka Johnson, ext. 33461/84000


  • Christine Connolly, ext. 33461/84000
  • Sergio Contreras, ext. 33461/84000
  • Tom Graham, ext. 33461/84000
  • Miguel Novo, ext. 33461/84000
  • Rui Tome, ext. 33461/84000

This area is responsible for:

  • cleaning all University buildings except for Residences and Church Colleges. This work is primarily performed Monday to Friday between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. A small day crew is available for daytime operational issues. Weekend service is available on a Works Request basis.
  • coordinating the recycling collection system inside University buildings. All staff are asked to participate in recycling by depositing their recyclables in the appropriate containers. White paper and blue recycling boxes are available through the Custodial Section.
  • coordinating special cleaning requests for special events, room or office changeovers or for other reasons. These requests can generally be accommodated quickly.
  • enforcing UW Policy 2 in regards to posting in UW buildings. Generally each night any posters not properly posted will be removed.

Green Office Bronze Certification