Maintenance and Repairs

For 24 hour service and maintenance, please call ext. 33793

For non-urgent issues, email details to Provide the building and room number in the subject and a thorough description of the problem in the body of the email.

For all other general department inquiries please call ext. 36318

Plant Operations customer service staff are responsible for the coordination and dispatch of all service, repair and maintenance work.

Services include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • all water related problems
  • plumbing
  • fire extinguishers lost, found


  • service interruptions – no power
  • lighting – bulbs burnt out
  • clock repairs

Electrical Controls

  • environmental issues i.e. too hot or cold
  • ventilation
  • refrigeration

Building Services

  • lock repairs
  • furniture repairs
  • window coverings
  • flooring
  • doors not closing or locking properly
  • window problems – broken, condensation
  • masonry
  • roof leaks

Custodial Services

  • spills
  • paper towels
  • chalk


  • vandalism/damage
  • pest control
  • animals
  • elevators not working properly, person trapped inside
  • snow and ice