Winter weather information

Plant Operations is working diligently to keep the walkways and roads clear of snow. Remember to wear footwear appropriate for the season and remain on maintained roadways and pathways.

Snow Removal Procedures and Removal Priority-Setting

During storms, our first priority for snow removal is main road routes to ensure emergency access and then primary walkways. The campus wayfinding project has definded primary, secondary, and tertiary routes (see map below). Plant Operations will work with an AODA specialist to develop snow removal practices that reflect these updates (anticipated in early fall 2018).

Attention to some walkways and parking lots may not be possible until at least 24 hours after a storm has subsided. Keep clear of snow removal equipment for your safety and to expedite their response to storm conditions.

If there are specific snow clearing concerns that members of the University community face on an ongoing basis, we welcome input and feedback so that we can continue to deliver the best possible service within available resources.

REMINDER: Parking is prohibited in all parking lots between 3AM and 6AM. We use this time for snow removal.

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Paths

Below is a map that identifies the primary, secondary and tertiary paths as defined by the campus wayfinding project.

main UW pathways

Enlarge Map (PNG)


Navy Blue: Primary Path - North/South

Purple: Secondary Path - East/West

Light Blue: Tertiary Path

Sand Bins

Despite our best efforts to clear snow and ice, slippery conditions may still exist. Green (or yellow) sand bins are placed throughout the campus during the winter months. Use sand from these bins to aid with traction on slippery areas. Report slippery areas to us at ext. 43793 (24 hours.)