Help for filling in the work request form



Usually the person requesting the service or coordinating the administration of all work requests. Reports and documents related to the work request are sent to this person.

Include the department, building, room number and extension for identification.

Contact person

Usually the person who has the most knowledge of the project requirements. If this is the same person as the originator, then department, building, room number and extension are not required. Please click the "Same As Originator" button.

Location of work

Building and Room Number (if applicable) where the work will occur. Please identify the room number if applicable. Otherwise use a general descriptor (eg 'GEN','ALL', etc.) This information is entered into our database and makes inquiries easier. We must also verify ownership of that location and be able to direct our staff accurately.

Description of work

It is important to detail as much information as possible. If a diagram or sketch can be more helpful, please provide one. If there is not enough space for the requirements attach additional documents.

Target date

(Optional) The date you would like the work to be completed by.


(Optional) Explain why the work needs to be completed by the target date. Required for urgent requests (target date within 2 weeks.)

Accounting flex field

Some main object values to note are:

  • 6035 for building alterations
  • 6425 for furniture non capitalized (<$1000)
  • 6415 for furniture capitalized (>$1000)
  • Other flex fields can be found here
  • The definiton of flex fields can be found here

% allocation

If the cost of the project is being shared between multiple accounts, enter the share for each account in this field.

Authorized by

This is somebody who has signing authority over the account being charged. Department heads and administrative assistants can authorize a work request. Please inquire within your area to identify these people if you require authorization.

Note: Please be clear and concise to minimize follow up phone calls.