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Personal safety guide

Your guide to personal safety and security on campus

Common sense safety tips

Why this guide

This guide is intended to assist women and men in taking steps to avoid and prevent potentially dangerous situations. The University of Waterloo resources in this guide are provided to promote the safe use of University of Waterloo facilities by all members of the campus community.

This guide is filled with tips, information, and phone numbers for the many resources available to you at Waterloo. Its purpose is not to induce fear, but to create awareness and convey that “one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. A safe campus is everyone’s responsibility whether man or woman, student, faculty or staff. If you have a safety suggestion do not hesitate to contact our office or the Safety Office.

Although there are many suggestions put forth in this guide, the most important tip that can be given is to use common sense and to trust your instincts. If a situation feels wrong, it probably is. Do not feel foolish or embarrassed asking for help if you feel you need it. Any situation that causes you fear or concern is a legitimate reason for contacting University of Waterloo Police.