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Almost all spheres of communal life have an international dimension and International Studies is the study of this transnational connectedness. With deepening globalization, understanding the international dimensions of the human experience is becoming even more important. Moreover, the most important contemporary global issues – environment sustainability, global poverty, economic development, and protection of human rights among others – invariably have international dimensions.  International interconnectedness both exists across varied areas of the human experience and is multifaceted and complex - requiring an interdisciplinary approach. The International Studies Minor gives students the opportunity to focus their studies on the internationally interconnected aspect of the human experience across a range of academic disciplines from political science, economics, and environmental studies through music and languages. 

The International Studies minor allows students to examine the global interconnectedness of the human condition by combining foundational courses and linguistic or cultural competence with the flexibility for students to choose from a wide range of elective courses tailored to their specific interests.

International studies minor requirements

Students enrolled in any degree program may pursue a minor designation in International Studies.

The International Studies Minor requires successful completion of a minimum of four academic course units (eight courses) with a minimum cumulative average of 65%.


  1. Students are urged to register for the Minor at an early stage in their academic plan. However, provided they have kept up with the requirements on their own, they may register for the Minor as late as the start of the final term of their studies.
  2. Students are also urged to contact the Political Science Undergraduate Advisor with regard to their course selection.

Questions about the program, policies or paperwork procedures?

Maren Butcher, Undergraduate Coordinator & Advisor
Hagey Hall 313
x 33396


Jasmin Habib, Associate Chair, Undergraduate
Hagey Hall 307