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Student profiles

Meet the MA Class of 2017-2018

yasar portrait.

 Zeynep Arslangiray Yasar

Prior Degrees: BA in International Relations, completed in 2010 from Bilkent University (Turkey). 6 years of work experience on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Research Interests: Peace and Conflict, International and National Security, Counter-Terrorism, Security and Terrorism, and Politics of Islam/Middle East.

barrett portrait.

Aidan Barrett

Prior Degrees: BA Political Science Honours, Global Governance Specialization from the University of Waterloo.

Research Interests: Global Governance, International Political Economy, Conflict and Conflict Resolution.

graduate student Lavina

Lavina Chu

Prior degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Honours Political Science & Honours Arts and Business from the University of Waterloo

Research Interests: Canadian public policy, politics of China / Taiwan, ethnic conflict, internet governance.

durrani portrait.

Hamid Durrani

Prior degrees: BA from Idaho State University in Political Science and International Studies, with a concentration on Political and Economic Development.

Research Interests: Policies and politics that shape regional security, Peace, Conflict Resolution, and Terrorism.


Hari Jnawali

Prior degrees: TBA

Research Interests: TBA

johnson portrait.

Jeremiah Johnson

Prior Degrees: Joint Honours in Legal Studies and Political Science with a Minor in Sociology completed in 2017 from the University of Waterloo.

Research Interests: International Political Economy, American Trade Relations, Currency Evaluations, Canadian National Security, Global Governance, and International Law.

graduate student William

William Stuart McGhie

Prior Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Honours Political Science with a Specialization in Politics and Business and a Minor in Economics from the University of Waterloo.

Research Interests:  Populism, Nationalism, the Trump/Brexit movements, International Relations and International Political Economy. 


Nizar Mohamad

Prior degrees: HBA in International Studies, completed in 2014 from Glendon College, York University.

Research Interests: International Relations, International Peace and Security, Peace and Conflict, Critical Security Studies, Transnational terrorism, Political Islamism and the radicalization process, Contemporary Middle Eastern Affairs, including the geopolitics of the MENA region, the legacies of decolonization and state formation in the MENA region, and Postcolonial Studies.

noonan portrait.

Bradley Noonan

Prior Degrees: BSc with a double major in Biology and Political Science at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Research Interests: American Relations, Canadian Public and Foreign Policy, Climate Change, and International Human Rights.


Rajithan Sivakularajah

Prior Degrees: TBA

Research Interests: TBA

sleiman portrait.

Hasan Sleiman

Prior Degrees: BA in Economics from the University of Windsor; Bachelor of Public Affairs from Wayne State University.

Research Interests: Middle East Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, Game Theory, Political Theory, Philosophy, U.S Foreign Policy, Human Rights and International Law, Global Conflicts.

smith portrait.

Mackenzie Smith

Prior Degrees: BA in Political Science from the University of New Brunswick.

Research Interests: Canadian politics, Canadian Courts and Government, National Security, Identity Politics.


Karolina Szymczyk

Prior Degrees: BA in Honours Political Science with two minors in History and Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Waterloo.

Research Interests: The Israel-Palestine Conflict, Water and Resource Scarcity, Sustainable Development and the UN SDG's, Youth Involvement in Peace Processes and Fostering Conflict Resolution.

thibeh portrait.

Nadine Y. Thibeh

Prior Degrees: Bachelor of Arts with distinction in Honours Political Science & Honours Arts and Business, Co-operative Program, International Studies Minor, and Arabic Language I Certificate from the University of Waterloo.

Research Interests: Conflict and Security, Middle East, Post-Conflict, US Foreign Policy, Regional Integration, Peace and Conflict.

vanhooren portrait.

Shanaya Vanhooren

Prior Degrees: Double Honours BA in Political Science and History from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Research Interests: Local Politics, Canadian Public Policy, Governance, Ontario Provincial Politics, Intergovernmental Relations.