Aaron Ettinger

Assistant Professor

Aaron EttingerAreas of Specialization

  • International Relations
  • International Political Economy
  • US Foreign Policy


Ph.D. (Queen’s), MA (Queen’s), BA (Waterloo)

Aaron Ettinger specializes in international relations and foreign policy in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo. In the past, Aaron has published on US and Canadian foreign policy, the private military industry. His current research project focuses on continuity and change in US foreign policy since 2001 and its implications for world order. His research has been published in Security Dialogue, Millennium, International Journal, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Politics, and Comparative Strategy. Before joining the Department of Political Science at UW in 2015, Aaron taught at Queen’s University and Dalhousie University.

Selected publications

2018. Trump’s National Security Strategy: “America First: Meets the Establishment International Journal. 73 (2): 474-483.

2018. Ending the Draft in America: The Coevolution of Military Manpower and the Capitalist State, 1948-1973 Critical Military Studies.  4 (1): 1-16.

2017. The Patterns and Implications of American Military Interventions in the Post-September 11 Era. Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 23 (3): 205-217.

2017. US National Security Strategies: Patterns of Continuity and Change, 1987–2015. Comparative Strategy 36 (2): 115-128.

2016 (and Jeffrey Rice). Hell is Other People’s Schedules: The Logic of Canada’s Limited-Term Military Commitments, 2001-2015. International Journal. 71 (3): 371-392.

2016. “The Patterns, Implication and Risks of American Military Contracting.” In Stéfanie von Hlatky and H. Christian Breede eds. Going to War? Trends in Military Interventions. (McGill-Queen’s University Press: Montreal).

2016. Teaching the Post-September 11 Wars to the Post-September 11 Generation. Politics vol. 36, no. 2: 197-209.

2014. After the Gold Rush: ‘Corporate Warriors’ and ‘The Market for Force’ Revisited. International Journal vol. 69, no. 4: 559-569. 

2014. The Mercenary Moniker: Condemnations, Contradictions and the Politics of Definition. Security Dialogue vol. 45, no. 2 (2014): 174-191. 

2013. Neoliberalism, the State, and War. Millennium. vol. 40, no. 2: 379-393.

2011. Neoliberalism and the Rise of the Private Military Industry. International Journal vol. 66, no. 3: 731-752


  • Political Science 150 | Introduction to Global Politics
  • Political Science 281 | World Politics
  • Political Science 387 | Globalization
  • Political Science 390 | US Foreign Policy since 9/11
  • Political Science 481 | Interstate War
  • Political Science 490 | Topics in US Foreign Policy


Email: aaron.ettinger@uwaterloo.ca
Phone: x 38359
Office: Hagey Hall 348

University of Waterloo

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