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Myron Momryk


Myron Momryk graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BA History in 1970. We went on to receive his MA in History in 1972. Myron is the author of dozens of books, ebooks, and articles on a variety of topics including his recent book, "Mike Starr of Oshawa, a Political Biography".

Michelle Vello

Michelle Vello

Alumni Profile | Michelle Vello

I graduated with my MA (Poli Sci) from UWaterloo in 2017 and recently began working as a Policy Analyst with the Department of Natural Resources (NRCan) in Ottawa. I am a part of their accelerated development program, the Policy Analyst and Recruitment Development Program (PARDP), which recruits new MA and PhD graduates from all over Canada and the world.

Kazim Habib

Kazim Habib

Alumni Profile | Kazim Habib

My Political Science education at the University of Waterloo is a big part of how I got to work in Canadian politics. By studying at Waterloo, I experienced politics firsthand as part of my co-op terms and applied the classroom discussions we regularly had in student life and in the workplace.

Alumna Sarah Howard

Sarah Howard

Alumni Profile | Sarah Howard

My first position following graduation (Professional Skills Communications and Events Specialist) and my current role (Graduate Student Experience Specialist) may seem an unconventional career trajectory following a Master of Arts in Political Science; however, the skills and experiences provided to me during my MA were crucial in both securing and succeeding in these rewarding and intellectually engaging positions.  

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