Teaching and learning

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Real and ideal: engagement for changing the world


Teaching and learning are at the core of what we do in the Department of Political Science. With more than four out of five of all undergraduate courses and all regular-term first-year courses taught by full-time faculty members (including senior faculty members), all of our faculty members are committed to offering introductory-level undergraduate courses at the first and second year level as part of their teaching contribution.  This gives students the opportunity to develop long-term learning relationships with their professors as they proceed through their chosen program from introductory to senior-level courses. 


With a number of award winning teachers, our faculty members are committed to sharing new ideas and perspectives with their students. Our students are encouraged to make connections between theory and practice, to hone important skills, to develop critical insights on our diverse and rapidly changing world, and to recognize their own potential to contribute to society both in their careers and also as citizens at the local, national and global levels.  Our specializations in politics and business, public policy, global governance and Canadian politics emphasize these contributions.


Our Department is also strongly committed to providing new and exciting opportunities for hands-on experiences to enrich our students learning. Most notably, our undergraduate program incorporates a new ‘engagement pathway’ which gives students exciting opportunities to fulfil program requirements and course credits through participation in international exchanges, directed research assistantships, and undertaking voluntary community placements, among other things.  The Political Science department has also developed new international field courses including a field course trip to Washington DC to participate in the annual Model Arab League and a field course trip to Israel focusing on the politics of international trade.