100 level

Political Science 150 - Global Politics

Wealth and poverty signs

Power and wealth – who has it, who doesn’t, and what does it mean for the future. This course examines the ending of the American world order and rapid shifts in global economic inequality. Is America in decline? Who are the challengers? Why does extreme wealth exist alongside extreme poverty and what can be done about it? Students are introduced to global politics and the course is a great lead in to our specializations in Global Governance and International Relations.  

200 level 

Political Science 231 - Politics & Business

Politics and business course photo

Is the relationship between politics and business an uneasy partnership or one of mutual dependence?  The course examines the changing economic role of the state in a time of globalization, technological innovation, boom, bust, crisis & austerity.  This course will appeal to students in Arts and Business and provides excellent background for our departmental specialization in politics and business or our specialization in Canadian politics.

Political Science 257 - Introduction to the Middle East

Political Science 257 course photo

This course examines the modern political history of the Middle East, with an emphasis on international affairs. It examines the colonization of the Middle East, the rise of national self-determination and nation-states, enduring Arab-Israeli conflicts, the Cold War, and the impact of U.S. foreign policy in shaping the modern Middle East.

How can the Middle East be best understood as the result of historical and political interactions at the regional, national and global levels?

300 level 

Political Science 370 - Women and Politics

 Chriss Beckett - Protestors

Feminism & gender equality: concepts and contemporary issues Why do we still have gender inequality? What is oppression and how does it work? How do women and men mobilize to pursue women's rights? Examine rape culture, abortion access, prostitution, polygamy, trans rights, and many other topics 


Political Science 389 - Global Governance

G20 Photo

Study the tensions between formalism & informalism in Global Governance, the financial crisis as a catalyst for new institutions - G20 & BRICS, New opportunities/management of ‘rising’ states in the Global South, and do the changing rules give space to a more diverse range of state & non-state actors?  A great course to provide an overview for the types of topics students would study if they choose to pursue our Masters in Global Governance.

400 level 

Political Science 403 - Topics in Politics & Business: Accumulation, Crises & the State

Stock market board

How did the 2008 global financial crisis emerge? Why is capitalism prone to crisis?  Examine how the Canadian economy and its public policy has been affected by economic crises, past and present.  Get theoretical & empirical tools needed to understand economic booms & busts, decipher government policy reaction & discern new patterns from older trends. Special interest to students in public policy, politics & business, and global governance.

Political Science 456 - Ethnic Conflict & Conflict Resolution

Soldiers patrol photo

What is an "ethnic" conflict?  Are ethnic conflicts "irrational"?  How can we "manage" ethnic conflicts?

A great background course for students considering our MA in Political Science which offers 'conflict and conflict resolution' as one of its areas of focus.

Political Science 463 - Rights and Public Policy

Gavel on a flag

Explore key debates about the role of courts in policy-making, institutional relationships surrounding the application of rights, and the limits of rights and rights discourse. Topics include the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, health care and social policy, the welfare state, multiculturalism, the environment, the Criminal Code, and policies affecting Indigenous communities.  An excellent course for students pursuing our undergraduate specialization in Canadian politics or our Minor in Public Policy and Public Administration. It provides excellent background for students considering pursuing our Masters in Public Service degree or our MA in Political Science which offers 'Canadian state and society' as one of its areas of focus.

Political Science 490 - Model Arab League

Model Arab League logo

This course provides a lived experience of Political Science & International Relations providing the opportunity for students to be a part of the Model Arab League conference in Washington, DC.  This practical experience in regional diplomacy and in understanding current events, while critically examining the foreign policy of the Middle East, is an excellent course for students interested in our departmental specialization in Global Governance as well as preparation for students considering pursuing either an MA in Global Governance or our MA in Political Science which offers 'conflict and conflict resolution' as one of its areas of focus.