Co-op Pathway

The co-op pathway is designed to give students hands-on employment experience and transferable skills to complement their degree. The University of Waterloo’s co-op program, which is the largest in the world, gives students access to career planning advice, self-marketing tools (i.e., high-quality cover letter and resume), and professional development opportunities. Students also earn income to support their studies.

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Honours Political Science (Co-op):

Program Sequence - Honours Political Science

1A 1B OFF 2A 2B WT1 3A WT2 3B WT3 4A WT4 4B

Honours Arts & Business (ARBUS), Major in Political Science

  • 5-year degree: eight academic terms and five work terms
  • ARBUS students are accepted into co-op at application stage
  • continuation requirement: 60% cumulative average; 70% PSCI major average
  • apply for jobs during Term 2A, to begin work in Winter term
  • complete four Professional Development (PD) courses: PD1, PD12 and two electives
  • complete at least 4 work term reports [see Political Science Work Report Guidelines]

Program Sequence - Honours Arts & Business, Major in Political Science

1A 1B OFF 2A WT1 2B WT2 3A WT3 3B WT4 WT5 4A 4B

If you have specific questions about co-op, please contact the Political Science Co-op Officer: Professor Daniel Henstra, Email: , Office: Hagey Hall 303.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Note: many co-op related questions are answered on the Co-operative Education website. Below are some specific questions asked by PSCI students.

1. What do I need to apply for the Political Science Honours Co-op program?

Students apply to enter the Political Science Honours Co-op program near the end of their 2A term. To be eligible, they must have completed at least three PSCI courses and have a 70% PSCI major average.

Note: In order to fit with the Political Science Honours Co-op degree sequence (which requires a full academic term at the end of the degree), students must have completed no more than 15 courses at the end of their 2A term.

2. I am completing a double major and my non-PSCI degree includes co-op. Does this fulfill the PSCI Experiential Learning requirements?

Yes. The co-op work terms for your second major will fulfill the Experiential Learning Pathway requirements of the PSCI major.

3. I was unable to find a job for my first scheduled work term. Can I remain in the Co-op program?

Unfortunately, students who are unable to find employment for their first work term by the end of May are ineligible to continue in the Co-op degree stream. Please do consider the University’s EDGE program, which is designed to improve your career skills and market yourself to employers.

4. I was unable to find a job for subsequent scheduled work term. Can I remain in the Co-op program?

Yes. It is possible to adjust the sequence of academic and employment terms to accommodate this situation. Contact your CECA Contact [listed on your WaterlooWorks Dashboard] to discuss a Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change.

5. I am taking PD12, Reflection and Learning in the Workplace. Am I still required to write a work term report?

No. The final assignment for PD12 is your work term report. You will submit is at the beginning of the term following completion of PD12.