The co-op pathway is designed to give students hands-on employment experience and transferable skills to complement their degree. The University of Waterloo’s co-op program, which is the largest in the world, gives students access to career planning advice, self-marketing tools (i.e., high-quality cover letter and resume), and professional development opportunities. Students also earn income to support their studies.

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Honours Political Science (Co-op):

Program Sequence - Honours Political Science

1A 1B OFF 2A 2B WT1 3A WT2 3B WT3 4A WT4 4B

Honours Arts & Business (ARBUS), Major in Political Science

  • 5-year degree: eight academic terms and five work terms
  • ARBUS students are accepted into co-op at application stage
  • continuation requirement: 60% cumulative average; 70% PSCI major average
  • apply for jobs during Term 2A, to begin work in Winter term
  • complete four Professional Development (PD) courses: PD1, PD12 and two electives
  • complete at least 4 work term reports [see Political Science Work Report Guidelines]

Program Sequence - Honours Arts & Business, Major in Political Science

1A 1B OFF 2A WT1 2B WT2 3A WT3 3B WT4 WT5 4A 4B

If you have specific questions about co-op, please contact the Political Science Co-op Officer: Professor Jasmin Habib, Email: , Office: Hagey Hall 307.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Note: many co-op related questions are answered on the Co-operative Education website. Below are some specific questions asked by PSCI students.

What do I need to apply for the Political Science Honours Co-op program?

Students apply to enter the Political Science Honours Co-op program near the end of their 2A term. To be eligible, they must have completed at least three PSCI courses and have a 70% PSCI major average.

Note: In order to fit with the Political Science Honours Co-op degree sequence (which requires a full academic term at the end of the degree), students must have completed no more than 15 courses at the end of their 2A term.

I am completing a double major and my non-PSCI degree includes co-op. Does this fulfill the PSCI Experiential Learning requirements?

Yes. The co-op work terms for your second major will fulfill the Experiential Learning Pathway requirements of the PSCI major.

I was unable to find a job for my first scheduled work term. Can I remain in the Co-op program?

Unfortunately, students who are unable to find employment for their first work term by the end of May are ineligible to continue in the Co-op degree stream. Please do consider the University’s EDGE program, which is designed to improve your career skills and market yourself to employers.

I was unable to find a job for subsequent scheduled work term. Can I remain in the Co-op program?

Yes. It is possible to adjust the sequence of academic and employment terms to accommodate this situation. Contact your CECA Contact [listed on your WaterlooWorks Dashboard] to discuss a Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change.

Note, however, that you will be assigned a "US" status for the next work term, meaning you will get co-op credit, but will not have access to the co-op postings in WaterlooWorks. You will be expected to arrange your own job for the work term. This is because you have already utilized the resources and job recruitment process, and to give you additional access would be unfair.

I am taking PD12, Reflection and Learning in the Workplace. Am I still required to write a work term report?

No. The final assignment for PD12 is your work term report. You will submit is at the beginning of the term following completion of PD12.