Examine a current issue in political science by attending talks, monitoring the media and doing independent research.

To pursue this experiential pathway enroll in PSCI 498A Current Issues in Political Science (0.5 credits). This course is offered in every Fall, Winter and Spring semester. While students are enrolled in this course they investigate how a broad concept/issue in political science plays out in contemporary politics, policy and governance. Complete three reflection essays and submit a final project that encapsulates your experience to earn credit in this course.

PSCI 498A Current Issues Enrollment Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I enroll in PSCI 498A?

Typically students pursuing this option should enroll in PSCI 498A in their fourth year. Fill out the enrollment form and seek departmental consent in the semester before you plan to conduct your research.

Do I need to know my current issue before I enroll?

Yes, you should know what current issue you plan to investigate.In order to enroll in this course you have to provide a 250 word description of how you plan to conduct research on the issue you have selected.This description allows us to assess whether the project proposed is feasible. You can always seek advice from the experiential learning coordinator (Dr. Mariam Mufti, HH 306)

Who will grade my final project?

The final project will be graded by the PSCI 49X instructor.

What are the departmental expectations for the final project?

Please see the for PSCI 498A final project deliverables (pdf) document for departmental guidelines and expectations for the final project due at the end of PSCI 498A.