The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is awarded by the University of Waterloo upon successful completion of all program-level (BA degree) and plan-level (major) requirements.

Political Science plans:

For information on Experiential Learning Courses

Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we can offer only the co-op experiential learning pathway in Fall 2020, Winter 2021 and Spring 2021. If you are graduating in Spring or Fall 2021 you won’t be required to meet the experiential pathway and will be granted an exemption (but you’ll need to complete this petition). You’ll still need 16 PSCI courses (including a political theory or research methods course) and two 400-level seminar courses to complete the major.

All Political Science students are required to complete one of the following sets of courses:

The Honours thesis is designed to develop practical research skills through focused investigation of a research question that interests you. You’ll work with a faculty advisor to develop a research project, complete the research, and present the findings as a traditional Honours thesis. This work is undertaken individually and cannot be a group project.

If you’re thinking about graduate school, this is a great way to gain experience writing a longer piece of scholarship. Even if you aren’t sure about graduate studies, an Honours thesis could be your academic capstone, something to be proud of for years to come. When you apply for jobs, employers will be impressed that you have brought a research project to fruition.

Students with a PSCI average of 75% and above can enroll in PSCI 499A Special Honours Essay (0.5 credit) in Fall semester followed by PSCI 499B Special Honours Essay (0.5 credit) in Winter semester. The numeric grade for PSCI 499A is submitted only after the completion of PSCI 499B. We recommend students pursue these courses in their fourth year.

Do I need a faculty advisor before enrolling in PSCI 499A?  Yes.

Can you describe what kind of final project is expected to earn credit in the research pathway? PSCI 499B consists of writing an honours thesis, in consultation with your faculty advisor, with the final version submitted at the end of Winter term. The thesis will be approximately 40 pages long and will contain the components usually associated with a project of this sort, such as an introduction (setting out the research question under investigation), a literature review, a case study, and a conclusion.

Who will grade my final project? The Honours Thesis written in PSCI 499B is graded by your faculty advisor.