Co-op work term reports

All Political Science co-op students must submit four satisfactory work reports to meet the requirements for graduation. Work reports must be submitted after each of the first four work terms.

Work reports are submitted through the LEARN website “WKRPT 200A/300A/400A”, which is automatically added under your “Courses and Communities” on the main LEARN homepage in the term following your work term. Work reports are due by the last day of the second week of classes in the academic term following the co-op work term.

Failure to submit the work report by the deadline will result in a grade of “NCR” (no credit) for this degree milestone, which could jeopardize access to future work terms or delay graduation.

A. Content

Your work report should (1) analyze the structure and functions of the agency you were employed with; (2) describe and evaluate the work tasks you performed; and (3) assess the value of the work term as a learning experience. Questions below are offered to guide your analysis and should not appear in the report.

1.0 Employer Profile (describe your co-op employer)

  • What is the organization’s general mission or mandate (e.g., public vs. private sector)?
  • What is the organization’s primary clientele?

2.0 Work Analysis (describe and evaluate your duties during the work term)

  • What significant tasks did you perform during the work term?
  • How did your duties relate to the organization's general mission or mandate?
  • What challenges did the organization face in delivering services or regulating behaviour?
  • In what ways did the work reinforce or deviate from the ideas and assumptions you were exposed to through PSCI coursework?

3.0 Evaluation (evaluate the value of your co-op work term as a learning experience)

  • What new knowledge, skills or abilities did you develop through this work experience?
  • Did you learn anything new about your professional interests or career goals?
  • What advice would you offer other students seeking a similar co-op position?

C. Format

Your work report must be formatted according to Faculty of Arts specifications (e.g., cover page, title page, page length, letter of submittal, etc).

D. Deadline and Evaluation

Work reports are due by the last day of the second week of classes in the academic term following the co-op work term. They are evaluated by the PSCI Co-op Officer and assigned a grade of “Credit” or “No Credit”. Reports that receive a grade of “No Credit” must be resubmitted within two weeks to fulfill this mandatory requirement of the co-op degree.