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Current and upcoming Political Science courses

Spring 2017 Undergraduate Courses

Course Code
Course Name  
INTST 101 Introduction to International Studies  
PSCI 231 Government and Business  
PSCI 257 Introduction to Middle East  
PSCI 281 World Politics Aaron Ettinger
PSCI 358 Political Change Greater China Hongying Wang
PSCI 370 Women and Politics  
PSCI 387 Globalization Aaron Ettinger
PSCI 482 Critical Security Studies Veronica Kitchen
PSCI 490 Special Subjects
Topic:  US Foreign Policy
Aaron Ettinger
PSCI 493 Field Course
Topic:  International Monetary Fund
Bessma Momani
PSCI 493 Field Course
Topic:  Culture and Trade (Israel)
Jasmin Habib

Winter 2017 Undergraduate Courses

Course Code
Course Name  
INTST 101 Introduction to International Studies Michael Stevenson
PSCI 150 Introduction to Global Politics

Eric Helleiner
Aaron Ettinger

PSCI 226 Modern Political Thought (PDF) Sophie Marcotte-Chenard
PSCI 250 State and Nation (PDF) Laszlo Sarkany
PSCI 257 Introduction to Middle East Amir-Shahram Kholdi
PSCI 259 Government & Politics of Asia Mariam Mufti
PSCI 260 Canadian Government & Politics (PDF) William Coleman
PSCI 281 World Politics (PDF) Veronica Kitchen
PSCI 282 Foreign Policy (PDF) Andrew Cooper
PSCI 300 Political Economy Foundations (PDF) Heather Whiteside
PSCI 334 Public Policy (PDF) Daniel Henstra
PSCI 355 Russia and its Neighbours (PDF) John Jaworsky
PSCI 369 Politics of Decolonization (PDF) Daniel Gorman
PSCI 373 Parties/Elections/Marketing Anna Esselment
PSCI 387 Globalization (PDF) William Coleman
PSCI 402 Politics of International Trade (PDF) Horatiu Rus
PSCI 403 Topics in Politics & Business (PDF) Heather Whiteside
PSCI 405 Chinese Political Economy Hongying Wang
PSCI 420 Gender and Global Politics (PDF) Veronica Kitchen
PSCI 431 Canadian Public Policy (PDF) Rebecca Nabert-Chubb
PSCI 432 Global Environmental Governance (PDF) Caitlin Craven
PSCI 450 Politics of Authoritarianism Mariam Mufti
PSCI 481 Interstate War (PDF) Aaron Ettinger
PSCI 486 Special Topics in International Diplomacy (PDF) Andrew Cooper
PSCI 497A/B Study Abroad Experience (PDF) Heather Whiteside
PSCI 498A Current Issues in Political Science (PDF) Heather Whiteside
PSCI 498B Research Experience (PDF) Heather Whiteside
PSCI 498C Civic Engagement Experience (PDF) Heather Whiteside
PSCI 499B Special Honours Essay Heather Whiteside

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Courses at other universities

Courses at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU)

Courses at other universities

  • Students who have completed a minimum of four University of Waterloo term courses and are in good standing may apply for a Letter of Permission to take up to a maximum of five units at another university (including courses taken at WLU).
  • Transfer students please note: the maximum number of transfer credits which can be granted by the Faculty of Arts is ten units. This total includes up to five units taken by cross registration.
  • Please submit completed Letter of Permission, with descriptions of the proposed courses, to the Undergraduate Officer for approval.
  • There is a $25.00 processing fee, payable to the Registrar's office.
  • It is the student's responsibility to arrange for admission to the host university, and to order an official transcript from the host university upon completion of the course.
  • Credit (CR) will be granted for grades of 60% (C-) or better. Courses taken on Letter of Permission will appear as External Transfers on the student's grade report or official transcript and will not be included in average calculations

Special studies/subject courses

  • Students in their 3rd or 4th years may be eligible for a special studies/subject course (also known as a reading course). These courses are numbered 391 and 492.
  • A special studies/subject course is an intensive reading course on a specific topic not available in the regular departmental course offerings.
  • It is supervised by a faculty member and normally requires students to undertake a systematic program of reading leading to the writing of a research paper. Students are expected to meet regularly with their supervisors.
  • A special studies/subject course is a single-term course which should be completed within the time constraints of a normal academic term.


  • Students contemplating a special studies/subject course must first have a specific project. Students should be able to justify their proposals, define the area of research, and identify available sources.
  • Students should approach a potential supervisor as early as possible, preferably before the first day of classes.
  • Students should discuss proposal with the faculty member who will act as supervisor.
    • Supervision of a special studies/subject course is a voluntary activity undertaken by faculty members over and above normal departmental responsibilities. This means that although faculty members are generally anxious to assist students in their special projects, their other commitments may sometimes mean that they are unable to provide the supervision.
  • When registering for a special studies course, a proposal must be filled out and signed by the student and the supervising faculty member.
  • Signed approval must then be obtained from the Undergraduate Officer.
  • These courses require department consent, so a course override form must also be filled out for the Undergraduate Officer to approve.

PSCI 499 A/B Special Honours Essay

  • Honours Political Science students may choose to write a major essay in their 4th year.
  • A senior honour essay is the equivalent of two term courses.
  • A letter grade for PSCI 499A will be submitted only after the completion of PSCI 499B.
  • The procedure for students wishing to register for a special honours essay is essentially the same as for a special studies/subject course, except the supervisor will appoint a second reader who will be consulted on the evaluation of the essay.