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Please note that all of our Fall 2020 courses will be taught remotely. Instructors have adapted traditional in- person courses to remote teaching and learning using online platforms.

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Undergraduate Political Science courses

Fall 2020

Please note that all Fall 2020 courses will be offered online due to COVID-19 accomodations.

Course code Course name Instructor
INTST 101 Introduction to International Studies Tracey Wagner-Rizvi
PSCI 100 Power, Politics, and Policy Emmett Macfarlane, Anna Esselment
PSCI 231 Government and Business Heather Whiteside
PSCI 257 Introduction to Middle East Shahram Kholdi
PSCI 264

American Government and Politics:

Populism, Pandemic, Protest: The 2020 US Election from the Bottom Up

Gerry Boychuk
PSCI 281 World Politics Veronica Kitchen
PSCI 283 International Political Economy John Ravenhill
PSCI 302 Local Government Daniel Henstra
PSCI 324 Contemporary Political Theory Anna Drake
PSCI 331 Public Administration Daniel Henstra
PSCI 355 Russia and its Neighbours Alexandra Lanoszka
PSCI 362 Cultural Politics & Indigenous Practice Rowland Robinson
PSCI 367

American Government and Politics:

America Divided? The 2020 US Election from the Top Down

Gerry Boychuk
PSCI 369 Politics of Decolonization Dan Gorman
PSCI 384 Technology and International Security Alexandra Lanoszka
PSCI 402 Politics of International Trade Horatiu Rus
PSCI 423 Democratic Theory and Practice Anna Drake
PSCI 428 The State and Economic Life Heather Whiteside
PSCI 450 Kings, Generals, and Tyrants Mariam Mufti
PSCI 463 Rights and Public Policy Emmett Macfarlane
PSCI 480 China and Global Governance Hongying Wang

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