Degree options, minors and specializations

Customize your degree based on your interests!

  1. Declare your major:
    1. Three-Year General Political Science
    2. Four-Year General Political Science
    3. Honours Political Science (Co-op and Regular)
    4. Honours Political Science (ARBUS)
  2. Minors in PSCI:
    1. International Studies
    2. International Trade
    3. Public Policy and Administration
    4. Political Science
  3. Specializations in PSCI:
    Students majoring in Political Science are eligible to declare specializations in one of the four areas below:
    1. Canadian Politics
    2. Politics and Business
    3. Global Governance
    4. International Relations
  4. Complete Breadth Requirements
    The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is awarded by the University of Waterloo upon successful completion of all program-level (BA degree) and plan-level (major) requirements.

    Your undergraduate academic advisor can help you make sure that you are staying on track. You can also refer to the degree checklist forms below.
  5. Do an experiential learning course
    We offer unique experiential courses:
    1. The Honours Thesis (PSCI 499) is designed to focus on developing practical research skills. Students will work with an instructor and a faculty advisor to develop a research project, complete the research, and present their findings.
    2. There are four different ways through which students can get practical, real world experiences while earning their degree including study abroad, research assistantship, community engagement, or the exploration of a current political topic.

      Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we will be unable to offer these experiential learning pathways except for the co-op pathway in Fall 2020, Winter 2021 and Spring 2021.  Students who are graduating in Spring or Fall 2021 will not be required to meet the experiential pathway requirement, and will be granted an exemption.  To secure the exemption please meet with your Undergraduate Advisor. All students still require 16 PSCI courses (including a political theory or research methods course and two 400 level seminar courses, in order to complete the major.
  6. Add co-op (optional)
    There are two options to complete the requirements of cooperative education in Political Science:
    1. Students enrolled in the Honours Political Science program can complete their degree with co-op. This is normally completed in 5 years and is designed to give students hands-on employment experience and transferable skills to complement their degree.
    2. Students enrolled in Honours Political Science in the ARBUS program are also eligible for the co-op option.

Degree Checklists

The forms below help you assess your academic progress. These are great tools to help you plan for upcoming terms and ensure you are on the right track to completing your Political Science degree.

Please note that:

**PSCI major students entering the program in or after Fall 2020 will not need PSCI 299 as part of their plan requirements. Students who started their plans with earlier effective dates, or who have not yet completed PSCI 299, may be granted an exemption or substitution for PSCI 299. To secure the exemption or substitution, you need to visit your Undergraduate Advisor. All students still require 16 PSCI courses (including a political theory or research methods course, two 400 level seminar courses, and an experiential pathway) in order to complete the major. Please see the UWaterloo Academic Calendar for complete details.**