UW Global Affairs Association

The UW Global Affairs Association (GAA) is a forum for students who are interested in global affairs, based at the University of Waterloo. It is open to all faculties, and facilitates academic and experiential learning on various topics. The GAA organizes educational events for students, provides a space for discussion and debate, and participates in external conferences representing the University of Waterloo.

The main goal of the GAA is for students to be aware about global issues. It does not matter whether a student is pursuing a career in engineering or the social sciences; this kind of knowledge will ultimately give them a broader view and a global perspective on issues around the world and in Canada. The GAA believes that students can bring new innovative ideas and solutions to the problems we face today, and that the activities of the GAA will act as a platform to encourage, nourish and promote those ideas.


The Global Affairs Association offers a variety of ways for students to get involved:

  • Student discussions
  • Guest speakers from government and private industry
  • Student publications and student journal
  • Field trips to events and conferences

How to reach us:



Club Leaders:

Ana Krstanovic       Anne Marie Hayman

Ana Krstanovic                                    Anne Marie Hayman

Darya Berezhnova     Deniz Dogan

Darya Berezhnova                             Deniz Dogan

Recent Events:

  • Discussion on NATO with Dr. Aaron Ettinger
  • Trip to the 62nd Atlantic Treaty Association General Assembly; hosted by the NATO Association of Canada
  • Debate Watching Party for the 3rd Presidential Debate
  • Discussion on the Global Economy with Dr. Eric Helleiner
  • Viewing event for the 2016 American Election
  • Discussion on Canada and Global Affairs with Dr. Touhey

Nato Association Conference group pic

NATO Association Conference. Back row, left to right: Ali Karimi, Adnan Khalid, Jelmar van der Laan, Noah Bussmann, Chanakya Ramdev, Andrew Evans, Deniz Dogan. Front row, left to right: Nickta Jowhari, Mallory Yung, Valentina Rios, Anne Marie Hayman, Darya Berezhnova, Ana Krstanovic.

Group picture with Former Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion.

Ali Karimi, Ana Krstanovic, Former Foreign Affairs Minister Dion, Nickta Jowhari, and Chanakya Ramdev.

Global Economy discussion with Prof. Eric Helleiner.

Global Economy discussion with Department of Political Science Prof. Eric Helleiner.

Upcoming Events

  • UW Global Affairs Trip to Ottawa (Jan 28-30, 2017)
  • International Development Conference (Feb 11-12, 2017)
  • For more info visit our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/uwglobalaffairs) or email us at uw.global.affairs@gmail.com