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Incoming postdocs

Congratulations on starting your postdoc appointment! Once your contract has been processed by Human Resources, you can begin getting yourself set up at the University of Waterloo.

  1. Connect with Human Resources.  After receipt of a copy of your contract, Human Resources will contact you regarding your benefit eligibility
  2. Get your Employee Number. Connect with your department administrator to get your employee number for WatIAM account activation. 
  3. Activate WatIAM. Activate your WatIAM account, using your name, birthdate, WatIAM, and employee number. This username and password functions as your "Quest" username and password for the purposes of signing up for workshops, etc. 
  4. Set up your UWaterloo email address. Have your departmental IST rep request a connect UWaterloo email account for you, from If you are unsure who your departmental IST representative is, ask someone in your department, or IST
  5. Get a WatCard. Visit the WatCard Office to obtain a WatCard. Bring a copy of your contract or an offer letter from your department which validates your employment. You will also need government-issued photo identification. Your identification must show your name spelled in English.
  6. Set up a library account. Visit the Library circulation desk with your WatCard to set up your library account as a postdoctoral fellow. Bring along another document that verifies your status at the University of Waterloo (such as a copy of your contract).  If you would like to set up your account from home, please use the Library’s self-registration form (this service is only available to postdocs who are already registered through HR). For postdocs whose contracts are extended, please visit the circulation desk (with your new contract) or resubmit the form. Otherwise, your library account will expire on the date your original postdoctoral appointment ends.
  7. Get connected. Set yourself up on campus wifi (eduroam).
  8. Stay in touch. Be sure to follow Postdoctoral Affairs on Facebook, Twitter, and the postdoc listserv.