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Postdoctoral guidelines

Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) at the University of Waterloo are engaged in a variety of research settings and exemplify the substantial variation in postdoctoral training. The university has developed a set of guidelines for PDFs. PDFs are at a unique stage in their careers. The purpose of a PDF position is to aid in the transition from student to independent scholar. In collaboration with a University of Waterloo faculty member, a PDF engages in activities that will further his or her professional development. The PDF position is intended to be transitional. PDFs are appointed for definite terms.

  • The postdoctoral fellow was recently (normally within five years) awarded a PhD or equivalent degree from a recognized university.
  • The appointment is temporary (time limited).
  • The appointment is preparatory for a full-time academic and/or research career.
  • The appointment engages a postdoctoral fellow in research and scholarship on a full-time basis as outlined in the appointment letter.
  • The postdoctoral fellow is not registered in another training program.
  • If permitted by the funding agency or (where he or she is providing the funding) the supervisor, postdoctoral fellows may apply to teach, normally no more than one course per year.

GuidelinesĀ for Postdoctoral Fellows