Campus has been a busy, bustling place this month. There’s almost been too many events and initiatives to mention, but I want to capture some of them here.

On March 12, I stopped by the Student Life Centre to see the final structures constructed by some of our CanBuild participants. This is the second year of our campus-wide food drive, which is a partnership with the FEDS Student Food Bank and The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

I am thrilled that coming into the new year I will soon be able to present a University of Waterloo flagship publication to you: The inaugural University of Waterloo State of the University Report 2014-15. This report provides insight into who and what we are at University of Waterloo, including our strengths in transformative research, experiential education, and innovation. Its title, Defining Tomorrow, is fitting as we enter the new year and look to seize new opportunities for the University.

First things first: congratulations to our students who have just finished the Winter 2014 academic term, and to all faculty and staff for making it possible.

I wish each and every one of you the best as you head into a co-op job, a spring-time academic term, or other opportunities. And of course, a special congratulations to all students who have just completed their degrees from the University of Waterloo. I’ll see you in June!