Executive Council

Terms of reference and membership

Executive Council serves as a body through which discussions on institutional strategic priorities can be shared across the academic and administrative leadership, providing feedback and consideration of impacts on various portfolios.

EC meets regularly and functions informally.


Last Updated: 13 February 2023


Title  Name
President Vivek Goel, chair
Secretary Andrea Kelman
Vice-President, Academic & Provost James Rush
Vice-President, Administration & Finance  Jacinda Reitsma
Vice-President, Advancement Nenone Donaldson
Vice-President, Research & International Charmaine Dean
Vice-President, University Relations Sandra Banks
University Secretary Andrea Kelman (acting)
Dean of Arts Sheila Ager
Dean of Engineering Mary Wells
Dean of Environment Bruce Frayne
Dean of Health Lili Liu
Dean of Mathematics Mark Giesbrecht
Dean of Science Robert Lemieux
Associate Vice-President, Advancement Services Sean Thomas
Associate Vice-President, Academic David DeVidi
Associate Vice-President, Communications Nick Manning
Associate Vice-President, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Karim S. Karim
Associate Vice-President, Development and Advancement Strategy Ingrid Cowan
Associate Vice-President, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Christopher Taylor
Associate Vice-President, Enterprise Engagement  Vacant
Associate Vice-President, Government Relations Graeme Stewart
Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Jeff Casello
Associate Vice-President, Health Initiatives  Catherine Burns
Associate Vice-President, Indigenous Relations Jean Becker
Associate Vice-President, Innovation Sanjeev Gill
Associate Vice-President, International  Ian Rowlands
Associate Vice-President, Interdisciplinary and Sponsored Research  Bernard Duncker
Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Brand Strategy Michael Dorr
Associate Vice-President, Research Oversight and Analysis Ian Milligan
Associate Vice-President, Research and International Management Services Diane Johnston
Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education Norah McRae
Associate Provost, Institutional Data, Analysis & Planning Allan Starr
Associate Provost, Integrated Planning and Budgeting Jennifer Kieffer (interim)
Associate Provost, Students Chris Read
Director, Strategic Initiatives Jenny Flagler-George
Special Advisor to the Provost on Organizational Strategy Marilyn Thompson
Assistant Vice-President, Research and International Bessma Momani
Chair, Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo Richard Myers
Chief Information Officer Vacant
Chief Human Resources Officer Michelle Hollis (acting)
Senior Director, Alumni Relations Alison Boyd
Director, Institutional Priorities Fayaz Noormohamed
Director of Sustainability Mat Thijssen
Executive Director, Facilities Stepanka Elias
Director, Finance Sarah Hadley
Legal & Immigration Services Nickola Voegelin
Registrar Cathy Newell Kelly
University Librarian Beth Namachchivaya

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