President’s Community Impact Awards


The University of Waterloo’s President’s Community Impact Awards recognize individuals or teams of community members, students, staff or faculty who embody the University’s spirit of innovation and contribute to making Waterloo Region strong and prosperous.

Award winners may be distinguished through such community service activities as volunteer work, public speaking, school outreach, or other outstanding community service.

The awards will:

  • Reward and recognize community excellence
  • Inspire us to engage in activities that develop leadership, foster social responsibility and contribute to the well-being of our community
  • Promote community pride and participation
  • Engage with, serve, and draw strength from the diversity of our external communities.

Awards are intended to recognize community contributions over and above duties for which the individual is paid or that the individual is completing as a part of a degree program.

Previous recipients of these awards will not be eligible.

Award categories

Up to four awards will be awarded each calendar year.

Community Leader awards (up to two per year). A Community Leader is a current University of Waterloo student, faculty or staff member.

University Champion awards (up to two per year). A University Champion is an individual or organization from the Waterloo Region and city of Stratford who has demonstrated a commitment to championing the impact of the University in our community either through partnership with the institution or in working with individual students, faculty or staff of the University.

Nomination process

Nominations will be received from the community and campus each year by submitting a brief nomination package that includes:

For more information, review the guidelines for supporting documentation and where to submit a nomination.

Review and selection process

Nominations will be reviewed by a selection panel led by

  • the Office of the President
  • Community Relations & Events
  • the Staff Association
  • the Faculty Association
  • the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association
  • the Graduate Students Association
  • Human Resources

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