Priorities and Ideas

The University of Waterloo and President Hamdullahpur are dedicated to meeting the needs of our students, faculty, staff and society. Here are some of the impactful priorities the President is pursuing.

Co-op at waterloo

Co-operative Education

As the global leader in co-operative education and work-integrated learning, the University of Waterloo has been a pioneer in bridging the gap between the classroom and workplace for decades. The skill development and benefits of co-op are significant. Not just for the student, but our employer partners, the economy and the prosperity of our society.

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entrepreneurship at Waterloo


Entrepreneurship is inherently part of the University of Waterloo DNA. New ideas, new ventures and the supports that enable the creation of new businesses are not spontaneous. Through carefully developed programs, policies and moral support to try something new, entrepreneurship is flourishing at Waterloo and is helping meet the needs of people around the world and helping our economy thrive.

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Waterloo research


Research remains a foundational part of the modern, 21st Century university. We at Waterloo are curious by nature and driven to discover, create and share new knowledge. From fundamental research to commercialization, research is part of our collective focus and can be seen in our 30 research centres and institutes across campus, our creator-owned IP policy and so much more.

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equity diversity and inclusion

Anti-racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Waterloo is only as strong as our community is and that is only possible when everyone has a seat at the table. We are dedicated to building a vibrant and diverse community where everyone feels safe and empowered. That is why anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion work will always be a priority at the University of Waterloo.  

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mental health and wellness

Mental Health and Wellness

Universities have role to play in helping our students, faculty and staff maintain their mental health and overall wellness. Given the stresses that can happen within an academic environment, there is no room for delay in assisting our diverse community to adapt and thrive. Waterloo has made this a priority and it starts with making the right investments and building a culture of openness and support.

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The prosperity of our society and our world is not possible without a thriving environment. Every decision we make, from operations to partnership should be viewed through a lens of sustainability. The University of Waterloo is undertaking a number of initiatives to make real, long-term changes to our environmental and social impact because our future depends on it.

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waterloo internationalization


The global challenges we face are complex by nature. This means that solutions cannot be found by only one researcher, one discipline, one institution or one nation. By reaching out to the world through student exchanges, research projects and welcoming the world to our campus, Waterloo can serve as a beacon for collaboration and impact.

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