External partners

Students working on a problem.

We work with businesses, public agencies, and non-profit organizations to identify and thoroughly understand important problems, the first step in disruptive innovation. We offer our partners three possible methods of collaboration:

1. Strategic problem analyses

Partners identify large scale industry or corporate challenges and the Problem Lab conducts thorough problem analyses. Benefits include:

  • Challenge long held assumptions and biases to address overlooked areas of a problem.
  • Reveal new insights from parallel industries, utilizing Problem Lab expertise.
  • Offload the proportionate effort required to analyze complex strategic problems.
  • Obtain unbiased, meticulously researched, and sourced analyses. 

2. Train an innovation team

The Problem Lab trains corporate and co-op innovation teams by providing background research and a thorough understanding of a specific employer problem. Benefits include: 

  • Discover new perspectives to explore the problem with briefing materials from the Problem Lab.
  • Increase the team's solution effectiveness through a comprehensive understanding of the problem. 

3. Corporate and co-op workshops

Attendees will be trained in rigorous problem analysis and learn how a deeper understanding of complex problems encourages more aggressive innovation. Benefits include: 

  • Differentiate how your organization views problems. 
  • Understand the Problem Lab’s methods through examples drawn from your specific industry.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ruma Sondhi
Ruma Sondhi
Lead, External Partnerships