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University partners

The Problem Lab works with all its partners to help them, or those they serve, create more innovative solutions. We do this through improved problem analysis. This assistance takes a variety of forms. The Problem Lab’s faculty members and staff can directly provide problem analyses; our workshops teach problem analysis for others to undertake themselves

University of Waterloo partnerships


Velocity and the Problem Lab work together to host competitions and events.

We wish to create a seamless path for students that leads from researching and understanding important problems to developing the solution into a business with Velocity’s support.

Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education and the Problem Lab work with employers to identify important problems for a team of co-op students to address on their work terms. Co-operative Education and the Problem Lab work together to offer Co-op Problem Awards to two students that provide the best analysis of an important problem relevant to their current employer or the employer's industry.


Centre for Career Action

The Problem Lab and the Centre for Career Action work together to provide appropriate resources to undergraduate and graduates. Our goal is to bring attention to the value of being able to identify and understand important problems for the purpose of accelerating one's career.


The Library and the Problem Lab work together to ensure that students use the full array of Library resources effectively for problem analysis. The Library offers particular support for the student teams in the Quantum Valley Investments® Problem Pitch competitions.


Waterloo Residences

Housing and the Problem Lab work together to bring the importance of rigorous problem definition and analysis to first year students in residence. In a partnership of Housing and the Problem Lab, we reach out with the Problem Pitch Competition for First Year Students in Residence.