Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Procurement & Contract Services has engaged Frederick Travel, to act as our preferred travel service supplier on a temporary basis, effective July 2, 2013. Our current travel service provider, VIP Travel, has elected to move its commercial activity in a direction other than corporate travel services.
Frederick Travel has a full array of travel services, including booking the services required (airfare, hotels) and charging directly to the University account.
Please contact ingridn@ftwaterloo.com and laurab@ftwaterloo.com  or call #226-243-1166
The procedure for making travel arrangements charged directly to the university’s account has not changed.  Approved travel advances should be forwarded to Finance-Accounts Payable.   Accounts Payable will release the funds to Frederick Travel.
The Request for Proposal process will begin in the fall to secure a permanent travel service provider for the University of Waterloo. 
Please forward to prospective travelers within your department.
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