Request for proposals for the WatPD program


The Co-operative Education Council (CEC) is requesting proposals for the development of a new course that focuses on research in the workplace. Development of the course will take place from January to December 2018.

The Research PD course will be one requirement for students completing a Co-op Research Certificate. While intended for students pursuing this certificate, it will be available to all students. As such, the course must be equally relevant for students in all disciplines. An interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary view of research should be emphasized throughout. For example, we would like all students to realize that there are various methodologies that they may not have been exposed to on a work term that would be relevant for different research projects.

Program outcomes for the Co-op Research Certificate include the following, which students should attain through the Research PD course:

  1. A desire to conduct research in ethical and socially responsible ways;
  2. An ability to describe the lifecycle of a research project from conception to dissemination/commercialization;
  3. An ability to recognize that appropriate research techniques lead to strong evidence; and,
  4. An open mind to considering different methodologies when conducting research.

Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged to submit proposals, though a lead author should be identified.

Additional information

The Waterloo Professional Development (WatPD) Program aims to improve the professional skills of Waterloo’s students through the delivery of dynamic and engaging online courses. Recognizing that the workplace provides an opportunity for real world professional skill development and application, the PD courses serve to provide a theoretical foundation for students. The courses also provide an opportunity for students to make connections between what they are experiencing in work or volunteer experiences and the PD course content.

Students from all six Faculties take PD courses during their work terms as part of the requirements for their co-op degree, or through other work integrated learning experiences as part of the EDGE certificate.

While intended as a piece of the Co-op Research Certificate, the course should also be designed to integrate with the WatPD program, and should align with the WatPD vision. WatPD program objectives and course details can be found on the WatPD website.

Proposal requirements

Submit a 4–6 page proposal that adheres to the guidelines for the development of WatPD courses (Appendix A, PDF) and includes at least the following information:

  1. A brief description of how the learning outcomes will be addressed and how the course supports the development of professional skills.
  2. A week-by-week (10 week) outline/syllabus with topics.
  3. A brief outline of a sample unit with activities, readings, assignments and marking keys.
  4. An example of how reflection will be incorporated in the course.
  5. A description of previous experience in developing and/or delivering courses on this and/or similar topics.
  6. A description of previous teaching experience with university students.
  7. A description of previous experience in developing online courses.
  8. A résumé.

Proposals that include group work components must discuss how group work contributes to the course objectives and should describe how non-participation will be addressed.

Authors of shortlisted proposals will be asked to prepare a 10 minute presentation to the CEC on their proposal. Presentations will occur in September or October 2017.

Additional notes

  • The University will have exclusive and unrestricted right to use and to modify the course as necessary to meet the needs of the WatPD program.
  • Author(s) must be employed at the University of Waterloo and have relevant teaching experience.
  • Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged but require a single lead author who will liaise with the Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) and act as the course instructor.
  • There will be remuneration for the development of the content and for assuming the responsibilities of an instructor. Contact Anne Fannon ( for details.

Deadline for proposals:

July 31, 2017

Presentations of shortlisted proposals:

September-October 2017

Submit proposals to:

Anne Fannon, Director, WatPD (