PD20: Engineering Workplace Skills I: Developing Reasoned Conclusions

PD20: Engineering Workplace Skills I: Developing Reasoned Conclusions expands on the content from PD19: Tactics for Workplace Success, leading students to move beyond a tactical approach to the development of their professional skills to one that is strategic. Topics include the role of self-reflection in developing strategies for workplace success, admitting ignorance to develop improved knowledge, communicating conclusions and recommendations, recognizing and avoiding types of bias and fallacious thinking, and application to professional conduct.

What do PD20 students do?

  • Practice setting goals to develop workplace competencies and professional attributes specific to engineering that they will be expected to have for graduation
  • Learn how critical thinking and communication skills are used to assess good reasoning, interpret textual and visual information, and work through ethical and professional situations
  • Reflect on their work term experience with the goal of improving future workplace success

Student testimonials

  • "The course helped me link my previous preconceptions and realize my bias or why I was accused of being wrong. This led me to correct my behaviour to become a better teammate and worker in the workplace environment. It has held countless benefits in my applications to real life scenarios and allowed me to solve conflicts on my own."

Course instructor

Greg Andres

greg andres

Dr. Andres is a continuing lecturer within the Department of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo. He earned his first bachelor’s degree in theology from a small college in southern Saskatchewan and pursued his growing interest in philosophy at the University of Waterloo, where he successfully obtained bachelor's and masters degrees. He then attended the University of Western Ontario for his doctoral studies, focusing on one question: which logic — if any — is the correct logic?

Since then, Dr. Andres has returned to the University of Waterloo to pursue his passion for teaching. Greg’s enthusiasm and thought-provoking lectures engage students and frequently result in animated debates in and out of the classroom. Greg was recognized for his exceptional teaching with the Arts Teaching Award in 2013.

Contact information

You can reach the PD20 course team at pd20@uwaterloo.ca.