Propel works with policy, practice and research sectors to solve complex health problems. Propel founded by the Canadian Cancer Society and the university of Waterloo


Canada is free from preventable cancers, other chronic diseases and their causes.


Improve the health of people and places with evidence‐informed solutions, by leading and catalyzing
relevant and rigorous studies, and moving evidence into action.


  • Excellence in thinking, actions and products that fulfill our vision and mission.
  • Leadership that inspires partnership and collaboration, innovation and continuous learning.
  • Integrity in relationships, dialogue and action.
  • Respect for all perspectives from policy, practice, research and funding communities.
  • Stewardship to be accountable for the mission and resources entrusted to us.


  1. Improve the effectiveness and implementation of prevention solutions across Canada.
  2. Advance the science for solution‐oriented studies, practice-based evidence and moving evidence into action.
  3. Strengthen relationships across policy, practice and research sectors.
  4. Build a high‐performing and sustainable enterprise with a reputation for relevance excellence and influence.