A Learning Laboratory for Chronic Disease Prevention Evaluation (CDP-EvaLL)

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CDP-EvaLL is a two-year, collaborative project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Health and Well-Being (HWB) grant. CDP-EvaLL aims to build capacity for evaluation of Chronic Disease Prevention (CDP) initiatives in Ontario, primarily with Public Health Units and their local CDP partners. 

CDP-EvaLL seeks to develop a high quality, useful, and sustainable approach to CDP evaluation within Ontario's public health system in order to ultimately improve the design, implementation and outcome of local CDP programs. 

Anticipated Contributions:

  • Useful evaluation tools and methods adapted for CDP
  • Evaluation practice guidelines for CDP evaluation priorities
  • An established and enduring process for review and guidance on CDP evaluations
  • Enduring training for those engaged in CDP evaluation
  • Processes and partnerships for assessing and building CDP evaluation capacity are integrated into the Ontario public health system

Our Long-Term Vision:

Design, delivery, outcomes and adaptations of CDP initiatives are strengthened by a useful, high-quality, and sustainable approach to evaluation and evaluative thinking. Ontario Public Health Standards for CDP, health equity, and public health practice are ably met or exceeded. 

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