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Bruce Baskerville

Bruce Baskerville, PhD, CE

Senior Scientist

Bruce Baskerville is a researcher and program evaluation specialist focused on tobacco control; specifically, the development, implementation and evaluation of new smoking cessation interventions or innovations to existing smoking cessation interventions.

Leia Minaker

Leia Minaker, PhD

Affiliated Scientist

Leia Minaker is an Affiliated Scientist at the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact.

Leia’s primary research area is tobacco control; her research to date has provided timely evidence on key issues to the tobacco control community, including examining flavoured tobacco use among Canadian youth. The objective of this work is to facilitate the development of programs and policies.

Barb Riley

Barbara Riley, PhD

Executive Director

Barb Riley is the Executive Director of the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, a pan-Canadian enterprise founded by the Canadian Cancer Society and the University of Waterloo whose mandate is to accelerate and advance the science of population intervention and its application.

Her career focus emphasizes impact; linking science, policy and action to promote population health, previously through co-owning a research and consulting firm, and more recently through her appointments at the University of Waterloo.

Jennifer Yessis

Jennifer Yessis, PhD


Jennifer Yessis is a researcher and program evaluation specialist focused in two main thematic areas in youth health: knowledge translation to understand the use of evidence to inform action, and evaluation research.

Jennifer Boyko

Jennifer Boyko, PhD


Jennifer Boyko holds a PhD in Health Research Methodology (McMaster) and a MHSc in health promotion (U of T). She also completed a three year postdoctoral fellowship (Western) focused on public health systems research and integrated knowledge translation, while working jointly in the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

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