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Capacity development

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Propel guides and champions the development of the next generation of training, data systems and communities of practice to ensure continuous momentum in building the prevention field and to create conditions for successful engaged scholarship.

The goal of Propel’s Capacity Development program is to strengthen training, methods and tools to support important initiatives. Our status as a trusted, strategic partner and catalyst for change allows our organization to lead and advise diverse groups across the spectrum to create healthier people and places. Propel’s Capacity Development program consists of four main areas:

  • scientific innovations;
  • supplementary training and experiential learning opportunities for students;
  • initiatives that catalyze new collaborations and learning across policy, practice and research sectors and across jurisdictions; and,
  • initiatives that strengthen the Canadian environment for applied prevention science and its appropriate use.

Capacity building programs include the Waterloo Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative, Population Intervention for Chronic Disease Prevention, and the Health Evaluation Collaborative

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