The Program Training and Consultation Centre

Partnership with Propel Centre for Population Health Impact

The Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC), founded in 1993, is a resource centre of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy (SFO). The PTCC focuses on building the capacity of public health departments and community partner agencies to deliver effective and comprehensive tobacco-use reduction interventions in Ontario. Services are provided to Ontario local public health departments, local tobacco-free coalitions, Tobacco Control Area Networks (TCANS), community health centres, voluntary organizations, and other health and human services providers who are active stakeholders in tobacco control in local communities. To learn more about PTCC or to access their resources, please visit the PTCC website.

Documentations of Practice Project

Since 2009, Propel has partnered with the PTCC and conducts research and evaluation activities to advance PTCC’s programs and services. One way we achieve this is through the Documentations of Practice Project (DoP), which documents what public health units in Ontario are doing to advance tobacco control in their communities. PTCC shares these practices through reports and webinars with tobacco control practitioners so that they can learn from and adopt these practices for their communities. Currently we are documenting the innovative work that public health units are involved with in terms of developing local integrated smoking cessation systems as well as in reaching high priority populations that face barriers to smoking cessation supports. We are also planning to document efforts to develop smoke-free policies on campuses. Previously completed DoPs can be viewed on PTCC website.

Evaluation and Evidence

To support PTCC’s program development and planning, Propel also actively works with PTCC to implement a developmental evaluation. Through this evaluation, we are examining their programs to learn what works for whom and in what context. PTCC uses the results to make decisions about their programs. Work in this area includes an annual survey examining how members of PTCC’s province-wide communities of practice learn from one another to advance tobacco control practice, and monitoring and conducting evaluations of their technical assistance and training programs. An evaluation plan was recently updated to guide research and evaluation activities from 2015 to 2018. To enhance PTCC’s program development and planning efforts, Propel also conducts rapid searches and synthesizes peer-reviewed and grey literature on select topics of interest to PTCC. We also develop evidence summaries on topics that address the needs of PTCC’s clients to help make it easier for them to incorporate evidence into their planning process and activities. Previously completed evidence summaries can be viewed here.


This work is conducted under the leadership of Drs. John Garcia and Irene Lambraki. Student opportunities for master's and doctoral students enrolled in the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo are also offered to build and develop their research and evaluation skills.

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