School nutrition and active play facilitation

 kids smiling in a pyramid formationChamplain School Facilitation Pilot Program 2013-2014. Summary Report of Findings. (PDF)

The Champlain School Facilitation Pilot Program 2013-14 aimed to support healthy eating and physical activity among school-aged children. A dedicated facilitator worked with 16 schools from across the Champlain region, providing ongoing support and assisting schools in developing and executing a 2013-2014 school action plan related to one or more of the following three priority areas:

  1. School Nutrition
  2. School Travel Planning
  3. Active Play

The Champlain School Facilitation Pilot Program 2013-14 was co-implemented by the Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network (CCPN), the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF), and Propel. This summary report showcases the collective findings from the pilot implementation team from HSF, CCPN, and Propel.