Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask equity/diversity/inclusivity/accessibility questions in an interview?

Work with your Talent Acquisition Specialist to determine the requirements of the role, and how you can identify these using strategic interview questions that will allow a candidate to demonstrate those skills in an interview.

When I fill out the justification form, what is the difference between a restricted hire and a priority hire?

Priority hire underscores that self-identifying individuals of a specified minority group are given preference. Restricted hiring refers to recruitment competitions that welcome applicants from a particular self-identifying group.

Do I require special approvals for this recruit?

The Academic Unit Head (Department Chair/Department Head/School Director, or Dean for a faculty-level position) will be required to approve these requests in addition to the Provost for Faculty hires and the Associate Provost Human Resources for Staff Hires.

Can I ask candidates to self-identify as a screening question?

No, questions should be relevant to the job qualifications, and must not solicit any information that protects individuals from discrimination under human rights legislation – for example – family status, age, gender, racial identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation.

What is the process for a restricted or priority hire?

Who should I contact if I have questions.