Memos & Reports

Organizational Review of the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion - Final Report (PDF)
(October 2021)

2020 Salary Anomaly Working Group Final Report (PDF)
(April 2021)

Memorandum of Salary Settlement between UW and FAUW (PDF)
(February 2021)

Organizational Review of the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (PDF)
(December 2020)

FPER Resolution (PDF)
(November 2020)

Statement on Performance Reviews for Staff (PDF)
(November 2020)

2019/20 University Operating Budget Update
(November 2020)

International Employment (PDF)
(October 2020)

Statement on Performance Reviews for Faculty (PDF)
(August 2020)

Guidelines for Conflict of Interest Concerning Faculty Members in Departmental, Faculty and University Committees (PDF)
(Final Committee Revision June 2020)

Excellence Canada Update (PDF)
(April 2019)

2019/20 University Budget Update (PDF)
(April 2019)

Tuition Fee Changes and University Budget Planning (PDF)
(January 2019)

Staff Compensation Recommendation - 2018-2020 (PDF)
(May 2018)

Business at Waterloo Programs: Current State and Future Opportunities (PDF)
(May 2017)

Signing Authorities Designated in the New Financial System's Electronic Workflow (PDF)
(March 2017)

Business Class Travel (PDF)
(February 2017)

Revised Broader Public Sector Expenses Directive – Per Diems (PDF)
(February 2017)

Joint Memo on Salary Anomaly Reviews (PDF)
(December 2016)

Salary Anomaly Working Group (PDF)
(May 2016)

Updated Weather Closing Guidelines (PDF)
(January 2016)

Academic Integrity and Exams (PDF)
(March 2015)

Scheduling, Timetable, and Examination Report (PDF)
(January 2014)

Scam-like practices (PDF)
(November 2013)

Striking the Right Balance - Report (PDF)
(March 2013)

Copyright - Update (PDF)
(December 2012)

English Language Competency Development - Final Report (PDF)
(December 2012)

Planning for Future Success (PDF)
(July 2012)

Institutional Data Management at UW (PDF)
(April 2012)

Revised Reimbursement Rates for Meals (PDF)
(March 2012)

Policy 18 Renewal (PDF)
(March 2012)

Encryption of Mobile Devices (PDF)
(March 2012)

Information Regarding Joint Appointments (PDF)
(January 2011)

Annual Performace Review Process (PDF)
(November 2010)

Follow up to "Class Sizes" Memo of March 9, 2009 (PDF)
(November 2010)

Advertising of Faculty Positions (PDF)
(November 2010)

Review of the University of Waterloo Football Program in Relation to the Use of Banned Substances (PDF)
(August 2010)

Review of the Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation Process (PDF)
(reissued August 2010)

Review of the FUAC/UW Relationship (PDF)
(June 2010)

Faculty Annual Performance Appraisal Process Recommendations (PDF)
(June 2010)

Influenza (PDF)
(April 2010)

Information Technology Task Force (PDF)
(June 2009)

Report of the Information Technology Task Force (PDF)
(June 2009)

Working Group on Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation (PDF)
(May 2009)

Report of the Working Group Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation (PDF)
(April 2009)

Women's Salary Equity (PDF)
(May 2009)

Report of the Working Group on Women's Salary Equity (PDF)
(May 2009)

Swine Flu and Travel Restrictions (PDF)
(May 2009)

Class Size (PDF)
(March 2009)

Document Management Steering Committee (PDF)
(November 2008)

Use of Classrooms (PDF)
(May 2008)

Academic Integrity at the University of Waterloo (PDF)
(September 2007)

Policy 29 - Smoking on University Premises (PDF)
(July 2007)

Emergency Response Review (PDF)
(May 2007)

Space Utilization and Planning (PDF)
(April 2007)

Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FIPPA) (PDF)
(March 2006)

Leave for University Employees in the Armed Forces Reserve (PDF)
(March 2006)

Immigration Expense Allowance for Faculty Recruitment (PDF)
(January 2006)

Disruptive or Threatening Student Behavior (PDF)
(November 2004)

New Travel Requirements (PDF)
(March 2004)

Hours of Operation for Service Departments (PDF)
(January 2004)

Benefits for NSERC and SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF)
(February 2000)

Guidelines for Supervisors - Harassment and Discrimination Responding to an Initial Complaint (PDF)
(December 1999)