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Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

Are you passionate about the University of Waterloo’s future?

If you’ve answered yes, put your name forward to help lead the development of Waterloo’s next Strategic Plan.

The University of Waterloo is beginning the process to develop our new Strategic Plan, 2020-2025.

The Strategic Plan process, Bridge to 2020, will determine the University’s institutional direction between 2020-2025. Read this to learn more about this process.

The Strategic Plan Advisory Committee (SPAC) will help inform, advise, and guide the development of the plan. Members of this committee include Faculty deans, University vice-presidents and the University secretary, representatives of each of the faculty, staff and student associations, and an alumni representative. In addition, we are seeking four representatives, one elected from each of the University’s key constituencies: faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff.

To elect these representatives, we are asking for volunteers from each of the following groups to stand for election to participate on this important committee:

  • Regular faculty (as defined by Policy 76);
  • Full- and part-time graduate students;
  • Undergraduate students; and
  • Full-time regular staff (as defined by Policy 54)

Members of each community will elect one representative from each group between April 11- 20.

Submit your volunteer nomination form by 4:00p.m. on April 6.

Questions and concerns? Email here