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Welcome to the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo

Founded in the early 1960s, the Department has grown to become one of the most esteemed Departments of Psychology in Canada.

Our faculty and our graduate program are internationally renowned.


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  1. Jan. 10, 2019Geoff Fong appears on The National


  2. Jan. 8, 2019Dr. Myra Fernandes' work on memory featured in New York Times

    The latest publication to feature Dr. Fernandes' research on the effects of drawing on memory is the New York Times.

  3. Jan. 7, 2019Technoference is a growing problem for families

    Dr. Dillon Browne, Psychology's newest faculty member, is featured on CBC where he talks about his research on technoference, or the way that devices disrupt our lives, and its impact on family life. 

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  1. Jan. 25, 2019PhD Oral Defence - Matthew Wilmot

    Matthew Wilmot's thesis is entitled: "A 'Bad Apple' or a 'Spoiled Barrel'?: Observing Overt Racism Predicts Diverging Perceptions of Racism and Race Relations in America."

    All are welcome to attend.

  2. May 3, 201949th Annual Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis Conference

    The Psychology Department at the University of Waterloo will host the 49th Annual Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis Conference on May 3.  Read more about the conference. 

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