Research Travel Assistantships for Graduate Studies

Well in advance of the conference

If you are planning to present a talk or poster at a scientific conference, you may apply to the university for reimbursement for some of your expenses. This funding is provided once each year per student. The year is May 1 - April 30.

To be eligible for such travel reimbursement, you need to submit an application as soon as you submit your presentation proposal to the conference. Thus, even if you have not yet received confirmation that your paper or poster is accepted, you should nonetheless go ahead and apply for funding. If it turns out that your conference submission is not accepted, notify the Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Studies that you will not be attending in order to be eligible for future funding.

You must do the following:

  1. Read and complete the Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship form.
  2. Submit the form to your supervisor, who will indicate whether or not he/she is willing to supplement the funding and sign the form.
  3. Deliver the form to the Administrative Coordinator for Graduate Studies in Psychology no later than:
Term in which conference occurs Psychology department application deadline
Fall term July 15
Winter term November 15
Spring term March 15

At the conference

Keep all original receipts, no matter how small, throughout the trip. Allowable expenses are food, travel, hotel, and registration.

Back at UWaterloo

Within two weeks of returning to the University of Waterloo, you need to submit all your receipts together with a travel expense claim. 

Print a copy of the Department of Psychology Student Travel Claim Expense Summary(PDF) form and fill out the requested information. In addition, get together the supporting attachments listed at the bottom of this form (e.g., photocopies of various specified materials from the conference).

Bring all your receipts, the completed travel claim expense summary, and the required attachments to the Research Finance Coordinator and she will assist you with processing your claim for reimbursement.

Last updated: Sept 28, 2016