Policies and Procedures

Annual progress report

All graduate students in Psychology must submit an annual report every year.

In 2019, Graduate students in all Areas other than Clinical must submit the Annual Progress Report form (PDF) by June 17. See the form for the instructions and additional deadlines.

Clinical students follow a different set of procedures for their annual reports. Please see the Clinical SharePoint site for relevant forms.

The Director of Clinical Training will inform Clinical students what the deadline is for completing and submitting these forms (typically early April).

Graduate research and supervision guide

Graduate students play a central role in the Department of Psychology—both in research and in teaching—and the Department is committed to providing all graduate students with an intellectually stimulating, flexible, inclusive, and supportive environment in which to pursue their work. 

The Graduate Research and Supervision Guide communicates what is expected of both the supervisor and student, and what can be done if issues arise in the supervisor-student relationship.

Psychology graduate student funding

As a graduate student within the Department of Psychology, you are guaranteed a set amount of funding, which can be found in your offer of admission. If you are awarded an external scholarship (e.g. OGS, CGS-M etc.), the internal funding that you were offered, is then replaced by the external scholarship. That being said, the Psychology Graduate Student Funding document is intended to help you understand how funding is applied, and the different sources of funding you may receive during your time as a graduate student at the University of Waterloo. Please note that this document is meant to be a guideline, and not an official funding document. All official documentation can found on the university’s graduate studies webpage.

Psychology Graduate Student Funding

Research travel assistantships

We strongly encourage Psychology graduate students to present their work at scientific conferences. The Graduate Studies Office and the Department of Psychology help defray the costs of attendance at conferences by graduate students presenting their research. There are forms to submit and important application deadlines. Please see the following link for details:

Research Travel Assistantships for Graduate Studies

Remunerating research participants

There are fairly strict guidelines governing the remuneration of research participants. Please see the following link for details:

Remuneration to Research Participants

Other policies and procedures

In addition to the practices and guidelines established by the Department of Psychology, policies and procedures relevant to graduate student activities are set out by the Graduate Studies Office, the Office of Academic Integrity, the Office of Research, and the UW Secretariat. See the following links for further information:

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA)

Office of Academic Integrity

Office of Research

University of Waterloo Secretariat

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Last updated: July 4, 2018