Mengran Xu

Mengran XuMengran is a PhD student within the Clinical Psychology program. His research focuses on mindfulness, attention, and anxiety. Click here to read about his work and listen to an interview with the CBC on May 2nd, 2017.

Robin Mazumder

Robin Mazumder Robin, a PhD student in the Cognitive Neuroscience program, is studying the psychological impact of urban design. Read more about his work on using virtual reality to study response to skyscrapers (posted December 6, 2017), urban design and happiness (posted September 15th, 2016) and light therapy lamps (posted March 6th, 2017).

Alex Huynh

Alex Huyhn

Alex is a PhD student in the Social Psychology Area whose research focuses on cultural change, diversity, and wisdom. Read more about his work here (posted August 9, 2016).